management and directors

The Company has established an industry experienced management team whose responsibilities include day to day corporate and technical operations as well as long range planning and implementation.

Steve Pappas, Director

Mr. Pappas serves in the capacities of President, Secretary and Treasurer.  He also continues to serve as Director. Mr. Pappas has over thirty years of entrepreneurial, corporate executive, real estate management and development experience, most recently, from July 1988 to the present, as Managing General Partner of SPL Associates ("SPL") based in Brooklyn, New York. SPL has acquired and manages numerous large-scale residential and commercial real estate holdings in New York. Mr. Pappas was the founder and President of Servco Leasing Corporation from 1970 to 1980, during which time it became the largest third-party leasing company for Xerox equipment. Mr. Steve Pappas and Dr. Nicholas Pappas, the Company's Chairman, are not related.

Dr. Nicholas Pappas, Chairman

Dr. Pappas retired from the DuPont Company, where he was Executive Vice President and member of DuPont's Executive Committee, after 34 1/2 years of service.  His background at DuPont was in coatings and polymers technology.  After DuPont, Dr. Pappas served as President and Chief Operating Officer of Rollins Environmental Services and later Vice Chairman of the Board from July 1991 to March 1996.  Dr. Pappas served as Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of Envirokare Tech, Inc. until September 30, 2006.  Thereafter, Dr. Pappas remained in the capacity of an advisor to Envirokare Tech, Inc.’s Chairman and the Board of Directors.

Dr. Pappas is a member of the Advisory Board for the Yale Institute for Biospheric Studies, Vice Chairman of the Board of Biotraces, Inc. and a member of the Boards of Directors of Yenkin Majestic Paint Co. and Integrated Environmental Technologies.  He is a former Director of Nova Chemicals, Witco Chemicals and Chemfab Corporation, where he was Chairman of the Board.


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